American COllab

Hi this is a collaboration account I plan on making
please fill out this form if you want to join the collab (currently im only accepting the first two people)
Account name:
Do you like learning about famous US landmarks?:
music taste:
fav show:
what will you contribute to the collab/do you have any ideas for it so far:
what are you best at at coding:
will you be active:

Im planning on making a series of coding projects, posting one at least once a week or two
my first project i want to make is probably gonna be an eagle game!



Hope I’m not too late?

Edit: oh wait. Am I supposed to post, @SwimGirlStudios ?


Is the O in collab supposed to be capitalized


What’s the acc pass & user?

youll noticed that we just significantly cleaned up the topic. this is so that everything stays focused on the current direction of the collab and not things that popped up earlier.

@SmilingPotatoes and @jay, i did have to delete your signup forms as they used outdated versions, so if yall could just redo those really quickly using the fixed version, thatd be great.


Hi because of all the controversy and harsh opinions on this topic I would like to change its theme

i want it to be a potato collab instead of an american collab

sorry for all the effort you all put into fixing this because of my mistakes
can a leader close this please so sorry

@creationsofavillager @SmilingPotatoes Im so sorry thishad to happen

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