Amazing Unicode App!


I got this app called Unicode Pro, and it is EPIC! But it does cost $6 NZ.
But it lets you type cool characters like 𓃞𓆉𓅂𓆣𓃰𓃱 into Hopscotch, it also has a huge amount of shapes, hieroglyphs, fonts, symbols, and languages.
Here is a screenshot

This will be so useful! Some symbols don't work in Hopscotch, but most do.


Ugh, can't like! So here is a like, :heart:


Me neither ;-;


OMG this is awesome! ∀ℕℤℚℝℂℍ


Do you have it? <'hmvhdmvdvsvfd




Yeah I just got it. It's four bucks for you peeps in the US. :wink:


Awe.... Oh well. It is still awesome.


This app looks super cool! :smiley:


Can't like ;-;


Me neither! I'm super happy :smiley:


Have you tried making the emojis different 'fonts'. It's not working for me! Halp!


I'm so confused with this app! Help me someone!




Have you downloaded it?


Yep! I can't figure out how to add stuff and how to change the apple emojis into Unicode characters like it says you can do. :(


Wha? I never knew that, so to copy a symbol click on it, and press the Copy button, go to the hopscotch app, make a new text and paste!