Amazing "Set Color" Trick!



I just discovered a cool new trick! It's a "Set Color" block trick.

  1. Drag out an object from the Editor.

  2. Pick your "When".

  3. Drag out a "Set Color" block.

  4. Go to the Colors menu.

  5. See that little ? in the top right corner of the Colors menu? Tap it.

  6. You will be in the Values menu. Choose your Value!

  7. You're done! Also, don't forget to set your Value to a number! The colors are all numbered, the Plum Purple one in the top left corner is 0, next one's 1, and so on. Enjoy your coding!


Can you show screen shots? I don't really understand. :smile:


Going to do that ASAP.


Whoa, that's actually really helpful! :D


Whoa.... Cool! :smiley:


Cool! I already knew that though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I normally go to the width, go to values, and drag the value into the color.


Oh, thought I was the first to discover it.


Thank you!


XD my friend showed me last last year... Lots of people used it in art pads


That's so cool I didn't even know that