Amazing collab for bananadog! Bananadog SENPAI DONT LOOK PLZ! FULL!



No more spots

This is like all the other collabs, but for bananadog!

We will make a project with all of bananadogso favorite things and all that. The coding won't be to advanced and we will trade drafts!


President: Me
Vice President: @Bubbles4Ever929

Coder (no more): @SmilingSnowflakes @RubyStars @VanillaOwl
Bug finder: (no more) @Kitkat26 @happyfacegirl
Overall helpers: (no more) @kvj @tankt2016


How many times have you been featured:
Position wanted:

Don't tag bananadog!


It says collar. XD

Autocorrect does that to me too. XD


Lol thanks!


tag list


Anybody? Plz I need senpai to notice me!


Username: Kitkat26​:joy::purple_heart:
How many times have you been featured: 0
Strengths: easy trail art, HSB colors, designing
Weakness: sine and cos, values
Position wanted: Bug Finder


You're in! Can you invite people that you think would be interested in this to help get more people ?




Thanks so much! I invited some awesome people to!


Username: Bubbles4Ever929
How many times have you been featured: 1
Strengths: Values, Trail art, coding
Weakness: clones
Position wanted: Vice or overall helper


I'm awesome?!?!?!?!?!


Omg Thicks so moch fren

Wait KitKat sent the invite

THICKS @Kitkat26 :D


You are welcome FREN!

Don't know why FREN is in all caps. XD


Thanks for the invite!

Username: Komplettverrücktjunge
How many times have you been featured: 3
Strengths: CoSine, kinda trail art, games
Weakness: everything else :joy:
Position wanted: overall helper


You're in


You can be Vice President! Thanks!




Thanks for the invite!

I'm currently really sick with a stomach virus ;-;

I don't think I could help ;-;


Thanks for the invite! :slight_smile:
I think I can help, but I don't have much time so ¯_(ツ)_/¯

How many times have you been featured:0
Strengths:Draw pads, backgrounds...
Weakness:Games, pixel art, a lot of other things...
Position: Idk, you can decide. :D




thinks that Maltese needs a get well card


Thanks yo!

It's currently really hard Nu typw. I