Amateur Hopscotch Olympics Ongoing!



Welcome! If you are reading this you are probably considering AHO, AHO is for Hopscotchers who are not very famous to come together and have a tourney. There will be a bracket and a theme for every matchup. Join now!
1. @tankt2016
2. @SabotageWarning
3. @Candycane
4. @RubyWolf1
5. @RubyStars
6. @UptownStudios
7. @Deadfr
8. @BasketballNerd


Can we join? We have 0 features.


Of course! You're in



and by the way you just gave us three notifications.


BAS Approved Mass Tag List


We will (Probably) start this in 3 days


Maybe you shouldn't use the tag list. Many on there including myself can't even do this due to the requirements. It said if someone had more than 2 features they couldn't join.


Actually.. Anyone can join


Nobody? Plz join


I have never been on featured but can I join???


I'll join. I've only had one feature!


Anyone can join! Both of you are in @Candycane @SabotageWarning


:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning: @GrizTheBear


Can I maybe join I have no features


@GrizTheBear Can I join I have one feature.


How long do we have for each entry? I'll probably join, if there are enough spots.


Anyone can join! @RubyWolf @UptownStudios @RubyStars you're all in


Two more people guys!


can I join too? I never been on trending or fetered!


Perfect! Although you can be featured