Am I well known? :)



I got my fifth featured yesterday, and I want to ask you:

Am I well known?

  • I see you everyday!
  • I know you!
  • Who are you?


Votes are public.

Please vote :slight_smile:


Hi @GoatLord! :slight_smile:




I see you that you voted and said "I know you"and not "I see you everyday":joy:


Oops... :sweat_smile:


I voted "Who are you?"


I just you @DMF. Bit da only thing I know about you is dat you are @DMF.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Plz post this post on my topic for "Am I well known?'


Plz don't advertise for ur post on someone's else's post:)


It's not an advertisement. It is official and that is agreed by all the people who posted on there.


Huh? I'm just saying to not go on someone else's topic and tell ppl to post on ur topic


I'm not telling him to post it on there because why not. It's because it is the OFFICIAL topic for topics like this.


Here's the topic,


Plz sorry, I won't :slight_smile:


How can anyone on HS not see you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:?

You is famous and on Featured.


I have no idea who u r........


Ella meet DMF. DMF meet Ella.