Am I well known on the forum?❓❔if not get to know me on here


I wanted to know.Am I well known on the forum ?

  • yes I know you
  • who are you


Votes are public.


I've seen you before but not well enough


I recall seeing you more on the forum a long time ago. :thinking:

You already have a topic for this:

Do you want to recycle? :)


YAY people know me .

tags @KVJ


I'm sure u know me @murphy1 we talked when u first joined XD


Well that one wasn't public and yeah


Huh? When? I want to get to get to now you more though


I see you from time to time.... not all the time.


Well now u know me :smirk:


Okay, and not public, do you mean in the lounge? It doesn't look like it's in the lounge,


No I mean the poll isn't public


:grinning: Sort of. I don't really know you


Mhmm, you could copy and paste the poll once agin into the topic this time public? I think the other poll is too old to edit.


You don't know me .

or you don't own me whatever


You speak German right?


No .Thats @KVJ :joy::joy:

I speak a little Dutch


I know. So only a little?


I known you @xXBARNSLEYFCXx! :D


Yeah .Wich reminds me .I need to do my lessons


Of course. You support Chelsea :smirk: