Am I Well Known❓❓❓ {if you don't know me please get to know me here🙃}


hi everyone! it's @SimplySouthernGurl and I just woke up and said I want to be as popular as @Maltese on the forum​:confused: So I said i should first start of with of poll of who does know me!

please fill out the poll below if you know me your not...thanks​:innocent:

  • best friends​:innocent:
  • I know you so much​:stuck_out_tongue:
  • we've talked sometimes​:neutral_face:
  • I know of you​:confused:
  • who are you​:grin:
  • are you new​:persevere: (I'm not new I came last april​:wink:)


Votes are public.

thanks and please just take 2 seconds to take that poll it would mean so much to me​:two_hearts::two_hearts:



edit: also please fill out my poll on post number 25 also...thanks you guys are the best


I'm confused lol

As popular.. as ME?? ;o;

I'm just a smol derp

Well, I voted 'I know you so much', because I do! :DD

And, plus, it's not about popularity at all.

It's about helping others, and making this forum more fun and safe (and lots of other important stuff that I don't exactly know XD) :DD


omg thanks for saying we're best friends @Maltese that means so much​:two_hearts:

edit: I know you so much is just as good​:joy:


@SmilingSnowflakes I thought you knew me a when I first joined I thought we were good friends...and I look up to you


HSF is not about popularity, it's also about friendship, working together and last but not least, HELPING!


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I thought half of you knew me and some of us were friends but I guess you will get to know me please go ask me questions on my general topic bc I would love to make friends with all of yall​:two_hearts:


@Kitkat26 what do you mean we talk sometimes...
we used to be good friends and I thought we still are​:joy:

we were in a collab together don't you remember bean boosted when we were all great friends​:thinking::joy:


We've talked sometimes but not too often


Hi! I would love to know you. Why did you join HS


I joined hopscotch bc I was looking for a coding app and I found it and I feel in love with it

(please ask questions on my general topic​:grinning: @Kawaii_Lover)


yea I just really met you​:laughing::sweat_smile:


random person tag:

@Candycane hey! can you do my poll?


@Pingu this is the topic


I'm your fren and I care 'bout you.:blush:


We USED to be.

Now we talking a little here and there.


aw yes you are one of my great friends @StarryDream :two_hearts:


yea true @Kitkat26 I guess


No, I didn't. I have been on longer than you.


oh probally how you don't know me bc I joined last april​:wink:


They have been here for a long time...
Also we've told you not to call people sweetheart.