Am I the only one concerned?


Lately on hopscotch, there have lots of projects and hopscotchers. About people with depressing lives.


There is a hopscotcher called i hate life.

Her story was that she was diagnosed with depression because she is ten and her best friend died when she was 9. Sad right? She left after she got reported a bunch of times.

Next there is a hopscotcher named
Lately on hopscotch, there have lots of projects and hopscotchers. About people with depressing lives.

Next there is a hopscotcher named helppp.
His story is that he gets abused by his dad

Notice the difference between the names of the hopscothers?
i hate life.


Hopscotch will be a bad place if the hate people's take over.


Sorry my phone died before I finished the post,:rolling_eyes::rolling_eyes::rolling_eyes::rolling_eyes:




I've also seen projects saying "Don't look in the code", and in the code it tells you to remix, and whoever remixes the most will get a prize. That's basically asking for a Trending- making Hopscotchers eager to play the project, and telling them to remix it. Some of them even have inappropriate content which we really don't want. :frowning:

Well, "I hate life" most likely had a different account, because right when she/he started, she/he made smooth backgrounds and other things that most beginners wouldn't be able to do. That's self pitying, and it isn't allowed, because we don't want Hopscotch filled with projects only to get pity and attention. :)


Yeah, I don't think that accounts about somebodies sad life should be allowed. It is sad, but every time I read a story, it makes me sadder and sadder. I think Hopscotch should be a place about positivity! Not hatred and sadness. wow, this post seems intense when you read it, sorry


But do you notice something?

i hate life.

All of the names of the hopscothers like that are spelled like that!!



Yeah, all those names end with a period and have no capitalization! Maybe they are all one person...


Ikr maybe that's what's happening!!


Leaders what do you think about this? Is this one person making all of these sad projects that may or may not be fictional????





I know it's sad that that happened, but there's little kids on hopscotch, like my little sister, she doesn't understand that stuff.


Just report these projects. They're most likely a form of propaganda to receive likes and follows.





My influence :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I already saw this :joy:


I would disagree

And then people would flag my post for supposedly supporting negativity :confused:


I think it depends. If it's obviously something about likes, then it's begging. If it's a bit more personal (but not TMI), I think it would be fine but not to a certain extent.


I think its just for attention.

The best we can do is ignore the accounts and report the projects.

Don't reply to anything! It gives the user more attention!

And most importantly, don't make these accounts yourselves.


It's fine, everybody has their own opinions! I don't mind if you disagree!


@codingCupcake123 what's your opinion?