Am I suspended?


I am I suspended?


No. If you were suspended, you wouldn't be able to post that. :wink:


You were, but now you're back! Yay!
Remember not to use innaproprate language or talk about innaproprate things, and you won't be suspended again! :smile::wink:


I think I was yesterday.


I'm really sorry for the bad words I said. I really can't believe I did that! I completely lost control and lashed out at you guys! It was an accident. I have anger issues. You do know that I would Never do that on purpose!


You are not :D


I totally forgive you!


It's fine! Just don't do it again, and you won't be suspended again!


I have no idea how she was suspended but it's nice to see you back!


Again, so others can see, I am SO SO SO SO SO SO sorry.


New day, new start, right? Glad you're back! Try your best to not say bad words even if it means putting your device away and taking a nap!


It's fine! We forgive you!


It's alright! :smiley: We all forgive you. Hopefully you learned from your mistakes! :smiley:


I'm really really sorry.


I honestly didn't know you were suspended :worried:

Oh well! Glad you are back! :smiley:


I forgive you! We make mistakes and we forgive and we forget, just try not to do it again :slightly_smiling: let's keep this a happy place.