Am i still here


Does anyone remember me?

Well? Do you?


Uh.... yes?
What happend


Well, lately, some of mai hs fwends havent been talking to me


I'd prefer if you did'nt cloud up topic space with this, and it's irrelevant and not related. These are personal concerns, and not really needed on the forum. Don't worry, I say this to lots of people.

Your friends haven't been talking to you? Why? Are you okay?


I guess.
Sorry about the clouding, I can recycle


That's fine. Cute profile pic.


Thanks!!!! :))))))))))


Yes, I haven't seen you in a while though.:confused: Is there anything new going on?:slight_smile:


Really, not much.
Going to the cubbies state


What's that?:thinking:


You know, the Chicago Cubs?


Chicago Cubs won the World Series! The last time they win, my great grandmother was born! She is still alive!


Illinois!:grinning: Sorry, I'm not a big baseball fan!


I wore my Cubs hat and shirt to school the day after they won


:))) lolll
Lol ya Illinois


Say that in front of meh papa fishy


Omg mai mom would laik do the same thing


Hoi fren!
Are you OK?

I've been ROBLOXing dis morning


Morning? Wowee its 7:11 pm on a fwiday night


I'm so pretty like
Be in my pedal bike
Be on my low skrrrcchhhh
Be on my eggo whites