"Am I Popular" Posts/Topics



I have seen a lot of topics and posts asking about how popular a person is. In my opinion, it doesn't matter as much as helping others and putting effort into games and learning new things. Again, with the huge increase of new users, the forum will have lots of these, which in my opinion, isn't something that helps you much on the forum. However, making topics like "Rate my account" with decent poll choices and an open opinions! What do you think?

  • I agree!
  • Meh, not really...



I agree! Popularity, likes, etc. don't matter to me but I think it's nice to know.


That's why "Rate my account" posts, in my opinion, are slightly more productive.


Yep I totally agree it makes the forum kinda cluttered


It's cluttering everything.

Popularity isn't an item. Why do we value it?

I may make a topic similar to my "What is 'Featured'" topic, but instead concerning this matter.

Should I? I think we need a reminder.




Well, I have some pretty deep feelings for this, seeing that I am considered "popular", but I hope I don't act like the stereotypical "popular" person who pays no attention to others.

@LazyLizard, this is your topic, and I don't want to "steal" the idea of this type topic from you, (Although I was planning to make one soon.) so do you think it would be okay if I made the topic that I was talking about?


It's fine!
I made a topic about not letting "popularity" define you.


Yeah, I saw that! I think I'll focus on why we value it. Thanks!


You are welcome! :D


Good day! Yes I did quote.


Eighty eight percent of people agree!