Am I Popular Or Well Known On HS And The HSF?



People Have Been Saying I'm Well Known And Cool But I Want To Know If It's Actually True, Can Anyone Check?


You rock <3


You know on the forum
And semi known ad cool on hs


I got to be honest I really know you by the forum. Not by Hopscoth.


Does Anybody Have Other Ideas?


Um, Is Anybody Here?
Do Any Of You Think I'm Well Known Or Popular?


What happened? I got tagged. @BlueStarGirl


I get to featured a ton, but I am not known well on hopscotch or HSF


It's Not About You But Me, Ok?


Ok, got it. To me you are popular! In fact you are the first person I ask when I need help on HSF


Aww, Thanks @Work_kids_coding! That's So Sweet!


I was never on the mass tag list, but yea, you're friendly!


Use the actual tag list, please. That can be flagged as spam.

I don't know. I don't really pay attention to how "popular" someone is.


Never been on the mass tag list, but you're really friendly and nice!

That matches the definition of 'popular' or 'well-known' for me! c:


You're friendly! But I don't think you are that well-known…:confused:


You are awesome!

Keep in mind that being popular doesn't matter! Learning, having fun, and being creative is what's important! :smiley:


I've never been on the mass tag list, and I already look at every topic.

Also, I don't know, otherwise I would have replied.

However, I think you're really nice and that popularity doesn't matter! :D


I Know Being Popular Doesn't Matter But I Was Seeing If People Think I'm Popular


You're known, but not really very famous.


And please use the updated version of the tag list!