Am I on featured?


Is there anything on futured made by cinderleaf studios?


No, I don't believe so!


Could you please Check?


I'm on my phone right now. Last time I checked, no.


I didn't see anything on featured by you, sorry.


Um. Maybe there's a nicer way to say that. :wink:


"Better" Well the Hopscotch Team liked it, the roller coaster may not have great coding, but THAT liked it :wink:


@liza please close this I don't need it anymore and I think a fight is starting to form :fearful:


No, there is not, if you aren't active (besides the hacker, I know you are going crazy about it), you probably won't get on Featured.


Which roller coaster thingy? The one by EnchantedHopscotcher or the other one?


I am not yelling....I thought you were saying that it was unfair....


What is going on? It really does sound kinda like a fight starting... Srry for bumping in.


Oh I didn't realize this was over srry


It ok I have actually opened a couple month old topics


XD :3 ;3 :0 0.0 ┬žI'm board


Ahhh! Srry haven't been on


It's fine. It doesn't matter


Hi @Cinderleaf, sorry i havent been on, school ipad wipe.:cry: