Am I in trouble by the Hopscotch Team?



I got a message from @Liza that my post was flagged and I all I said was ,"Do you want to bully me."


Well that's called the flag and is given to you when you say something that is inappropriate, spam, or offtopic. Flags are pretty much "don't do it again" signs

(Also when you get flagged Liza will always automatically pm you)


Those messages are automated.

Don't worry! I don't think THT is out to get you!


I didn't mean to I was helping my friend out @StarryDream and @Fried-Chicken was bully me and he said I was saying bad words when I wasn't


Maybe you could've set it in a more less agressive way?


Could you make sure by @liza because she emailed me on the forum and I am really nice I am scared now


Don´t worry! These are automated messages, and there is people who have got a lot of more flags!


Well I am scared now really cause I am loyal sweet and other nice stuff


I've gotten one of those before. If mine looks the exact same as yours then it's automated.


Well I am scared cause I never got in trouble and this is my first


How did it look show me


Don't worry. THT won't dislike you just because you got One flag.:slight_smile: They may send you a message about it as a warning of some sort.


Lol, I used to get a bunch of those. Don't worry, you'll be fine. Those don't mean anything, just be careful in the future! :D
Liza is still really nice, even though I got like 8 of those... :stuck_out_tongue:
That was a long time ago, though. My first two topics on the forum were closed, it's not even funny.


It looks something like this:


This is what he screen shot that I took



Did you look at mine


Then your fine.

It actually says it's an automated message at the top of the post! :p


It's okay. Its's just an automatic message. :slight_smile:Did you change your post to make it appropriate?


Cod I do that yes or no


How do you send a email back to @Liza