Am I aloud to have me as my profile pic with my eyes covered?


That is what I half to say can I? Because I just am intrastated to know @Liza
@moderators please help!


Yes I think so, that's a good idea


I want to make sure with the @moderators and @staff first though!


Cool, @PopTart0219@liza


Hm.. I don't really think it's allowed either, but I guess we'll have to check with the mods and admins first.
@moderators @admins @staff


You can, it's just not recommended :wink:


Hmm okay let me see I may want to make sure with @liza!


Here's the deal...

Even if you don't have eyes covered, we still know what you look like; and it doesn't make for a very suitable photo.

If you really want to change your profile picture to yourself, there's nothing stopping you (except for maybe bad wifi), but you're sharing personal information.

We still get that you (for example) have red hair, and that limits the search field for someone who wants to find you.

We want to keep you safe, but if you want to change it to yourself, know the risks.



I won't do it I was going to wear sunglasses but it's fine! Can you please close?


Again, you can change it to that. Most of us don't care, but we don't want people coming to your house.

You get the idea. Hopefully :smiley: