Alterntive ways to publish games



Hi this is a great app. I am wondering if there are alternative ways to publish apps/games? It would be really cool if there were other methods of sharing them with just a few friends rather then the whole world. I would like to give a game to some friends, but it might be slightly too violent or mature to post to everybody on a kids website. this is actually the best app i have found for creating games. I have made a bizzilan games already. If there is not any other way to publish (besides to the kids website) i still think it would be cool if this was considered in the future. Thank you.


Well, there’s a few ways you could do this. One is you could just show your friends on your device. Another is you could create an account and have all of you games in the drafts, and give your friends the password. You used to be able to publish a project, copy the link, then unpublish, but I’m not sure if that still works.


Yeah it still does work


Unless your friends have the app, no. If they do have the app, there are several way you can do this.

  1. You can put a word which will cause it to be stuck in the filter. So for example, if I want to publish something for only a few people, I usually put the word stu​​pid in the code somewhere.

  2. You could publish it then unublish it.

Both of these methods require the app to open the project link.

Hope this helps.


thank you, i guess i mean it would be cooler if my friends or other people could download it onto there own device. then it feels more ‘finished’ like a real game. but that is interesting i didn’t realize i could share my drafts with other people online. that could work.


Like @Petrichor said, your friends need to have the app. If they have done that, you can unpublish the project and then sharing the link the them. They need to open it on the device they have Hopscotch installed though, and they also might need to long-press the link and choose “Open in “Hopscotch”” in the menu that pops up.


Thank you so much for all the responses. This helps a lot. I think I am understanding, sort of… If they have to download Hopscotch that is totally fine, that’s no big deal. I see, they might have to hold the link with their finger to get the option to appear. Yeah I have been publishing and unpublishing projects all the time to make copies and save backups, it is a little strange way to do this, but it is easy enough to do…

I think i understand… If i copy the link then they can actually play from my account. But i don’t want them to be able to edit projects on my account, that could be bad, if people accidentally delete code or something, then i could only share with most trusted people, that would limit things a lot. (or maybe they can copy it to their account somehow, or maybe it does that automatically? i don’t know.)
I didn’t even realize the project had a link. (I will look for that on my phone, i suppose hopefully it will appear somewhere above the project. Or maybe the link you mention is the link for my account with my drafts. That would be great too to share.) It would be cool if i could organize just the finished projects into a separate ‘page’ or link, because i have like 50 projects in my draft section. i don’t know if you can create more then one ‘section’. Sorry if i am talking a lot. I don’t always have my phone on me, or i would check this stuff now.

I don’t totally get what Petrichor has said about putting a ‘word’ in the code. Where would the word go? And what would that do? Is it like a ‘search word’? And how would people enter that word into a search? Thanks! U guys don’t have to answer every question i just brought up btw.


In a text Object, set text, Object name.

Look here

Hope this helps.


You know most of us are tweens and teens, right?

Anyway, one thing you could do is publish the project, grab the link, and unpublish the project and send the link to your friends.
I’m not sure if a link to an unpublished project would work, though.


sorry i am getting that u guys are kids now lol. i figured that was probably the case anyway. often kids can be very smart. i want to make a few kid friendly games. i have one or 2 ideas. i am working on a ‘friendship simulator’ that will teach about self care and self love in meeting people and how to not worry about talking to much. hopefully i can have something to give back to the community after all the helpful info u guys have given me.

(yes it seems that the unpublished project link will still work. i tested it many times. i don’t want to even talk about this too much though in case the moderators decide to change it for some reason, because having this makes it a lot easier to share games)


Also right now i don’t have a computer so this app is my only way of making games.


You no longer have to publish/unpublished to make a save point. Long press on the draft, and it’ll display 2 icons as it jiggles. The X deletes the draft, while the “double squares” makes a copy.