Alt Accounts: WHY?!


Hey guys!
Just as a disclaimer, I know this topic was made a few times (not that many times!)
I just wanted to add to the ongoing trend, since you all know I feel really strongly about alts!
Oh, and also I am a bit snarky in this topic, because I feel SUPER strongly about this as mentioned! Please do not take it into offense!

They are clogging up the forum. Most of our new users are alts! Maybe one or two alts is fine, but 100 million is not needed. I don’t even get the point of alts. Why are they so popular? They are little just more random accounts. What is the point in them? Just save your username and password somewhere safe!

Alts are causing forum issues, like the OMTL getting filled to capacity, and more! The OMTL is a place for people to tag if a really important issue needs to get out there fast. It is not meant to be clogged with random alts that are barely used.

They may be fun, but there are many other ways of having fun then creating accounts on a website. For example coding, learning, sleeping (i do that a lot), learning something new, even playing a game, going on the forum, and SOOOOO much more! Why create alts? What is the FUN in it! Having your friends struggle with figuring out if your an alt or not? Or WHICH alt you are? It is time to put a stop to alternate accounts!

Who is with me? Let me know in the comments section below or by filling out this poll!

  • I am with you! (will list reason in comments)
  • I am not with you! (will list reason in comments)

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Thanks for reading my little rant!


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This is the third topic addressing this issue

I’m gonna read through it now


I tottaly agree! A lot of people have like, 50 accounts, and they don’t even use them! What’s the point!




I only have like 12 alts tho




I exaggerate a million times a day

I created all of my alts as a test, (got 306 of them) gonna tell Discourse about the cheat that allows the easy alt creation

THT just fixed it today

So are these topics, but I appreciate your enthusiasm

Idk I’m just don’t see why it’s a big deal
A big deal is that people are using these alts as Xse fake accounts. Now that is truly despicable.

If you use an alt for mal intent, then you have some serious issues going on


Personally, I’m chill with the alt accounts, but that may be because I haven’t seen the OMTL issue yet.

I have 2 alts: (@Firework) and @SenseiCoder_Backup, but I don’t use those often.


Some people Cough cough @jonnygamer cough cough have over 200


That much?! wow


306 actually


Just because the OMTL was fixed, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be considered as a reason why alts shouldn’t clog up. Actually, it is still a perfect example.
I was aware that the OMTL was fixed.

I appreciate your enthusiam, though! :smile:


I added 5 accounts to the OMTL so that we could alert THT that we needed to extend it. I was testing whether or not 150 accounts would break it, and it did.

I sense passive aggression in that comment

@TriggerWarning @TriggerPolice lol jk


Ugh I hate the accounts on hold


I am not trying to be offensive here, but why couldn’t you just tag any of THT or Liza or someone and ask them to extend it?
Wouldn’t that be easier, better, and overall a more thought-out solution?

Plus, with all of the hype your OMTL topic was getting, the problem would have been fixed eventually.


Me too. Like, why are they like that?


And your topics are as well.
Why flag


At least they’re talking about something. Meanwhile, alts that aren’t even looked at aren’t clogging the forum?


They’re *


Oops, my bad