Alright! This needs to stop!


Lately I've been feeling pretty much like this.....
No one should have to feel like this! It's really terrible that there are people out there who enjoy seeing others suffer! Hopefully within this time in the near future this will stop on Hopscotch!


Pls don't let hate bring you down!

Please smile! Even if it's a forced fake smile it's scientific that if you smile you will be in a happier mood! :D

Please! Those haters are jealous of how amazingly awesome u are! Don't let them get you down!


People trying to bring you down have to be below you to do it :wink:


Frens > meanies !


Wanna join the 'Hopscotchers Against B.ullying!' club?


how does this relate to hopscotch
speaking of "fake smiles" my parents force me to make a fake smile because i have to have photos taken. any help to stop hating on getting pictures taken????????????


Have fun in the pic. Don't be embarrassed to make a ridiculous face. Accept your awesomeness!


I remember watching a Quirkology video about that. But the thing is that sometimes fake smiling (at least in public) makes you feel guilty for lying/sadder.

@S.O.S_Art you are right! We should stop the people that bring you down. Positivity may help but also talking about your story makes you feel better as it gives a sense of relief.


We must start a campaign we needs to rebel!




20th like
Don't let yourself down
If you ever need anything, just tag me
Don't be sad
Listen to you favorite songs
Talk to someoen who can help you


I don't want you to feel down! Let the haters bring you up! Don't be upset or obscure your perfect the way you are and no one has the authority to change you, not even your mother! Do not let these people being you down

Stuff for @S.O.S_Art

It also might be a thing that starts with P and ends with y


Although I do have to say that this could bring too much attention if not carefully planned.