Alright, here's the question that will end all questions


Ok, so... we all know that there are tea lovers and coffee lovers, amirite? Well then, what would you enjoy coding more - tea or coffee? (I prefer tea because it is a little more challenging to make it slightly invisible but still a nice shade).

This is just a small post, so no need to go big. Sorry if it seems way too random, I was just sipping on tea and thought up this question. And as always, there is room for improvement (so regulars, if you want to, make it more hopscotchified). Have fun!

  • Tea
  • Coffee



Yes, yes, yes, I don't like to be a party pooper, but someone's going to say it, so I might as well.

It has to be Hopscotch related.

There. Got that over with.

How about we code coffee and tea? :smile:


Yeah, we need to make this related somehow...

(P.S. I drink neither lol)


This was really hard. Because I used to love tea, but as I get older coffee gets more appealing. But still, tea wins because it is sweeter and more tastier, plus there is more variety in flavor.


Yeah, what CC123 and CC said. Has to be HS related! (I love your profile pic! XD)


@TheRainbowChicken, @CreativeCoder, & @codingCupcake123 - alright, the hopscotchified version is out!


Sorry @iMeow, but you shouldn't say "war" so I changed it :wink:


thanks! Actually, I changed it to questions, because "weird" sounds a little.... weird.


Lol! Sorry, I didn't know what you wanted to say, so I just said weird XD
And I was testing out my new regular skills :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It's cool. Also, congrats!
Did you have to be on hopscotch for 50 days straight?




I think it's more than that!
I'm not certain tho XD


I like....
But I like tea too :3


well, I hope it will be fun 4 you to explore! :smile:


Btw love ur profile pic!


awww thank you!!!! I also know how you feel, with that obbsession oven MLP equestria girls. I used to have it too! Gotta love the style and the way it is drawn. (At least for me) :blush:


I KNOW!!!!!
I have an incurable obsession over them!!!!!
Especially Rainbow Dash :wink:


I don't like coffee of tea XD
My dad likes tea
And my mom liked coffee, she still does, but now she likes tea more!

Most people in my family enjoy tea!

Maybe I'll end up liking it too! C:


my parents dont allow coffee :upside_down:
im fine with it


I really don't like tea or coffe.

Well, I never tried coffe.:sweat_smile:

Maybe at Starbucks I will make sure they put tons of sugar!