Alpha breaks Hopscotch

1 sentence description of the problem: Alpha (RGBA/HSBA) breaks how other objects draw trails

Steps to reproduce the problem every time:
→ play original (duplicated) draft where i experimented several bugs: (in filter i think)
→ play a failed test to reproduce the bug, but at least i got something else unexpected to happen: (test) Alpha bug by Tri-Angle

I expected this to happen: not have any weird bug

But instead this happened: bugs


there was never EVER a square trail in hopscotch

hopscotch is struggling between deciding on drawing a red trail or black trail. but it should draw a yellow trail instead...

Your username: Tri-Angle

Device type, iOS version & Hopscotch version: iPad6th gen, iPadOS16.1, Hopscotch beta and Hopscotch newest version


@Yuanyuan @t1_hopscotch additional information

→ Alpha [1] is not an official addition however it’s an extremely powerful tool for drawing moving trails

→ When a bug happens, clicking restart does not reset bug (in 2nd video, once the bug has appeared, it will not disappear again unless i exit the draft)
→ Horribly inconsistent because i experimented several different bugs caused by alpha
→ clearing every containers having alpha code is the only way to stop the bug - making sure a container doesnt run during testing [2] does not solve the issue. this might be because hopscotch reads the whole code when the game starts

i know it’s almost impossible tht solves this case within the near future, but if you do i’d extremely extremely appreciate that because that puts my game in a whole new level of graphics :D but again, i know it’s impossible, i just wanted to tell this to yall

  1. discovered by @Awesome_E ↩︎

  2. eg, when object is cloned in an object without clone ↩︎