Alpha breaks Hopscotch

1 sentence description of the problem: Alpha (RGBA/HSBA) breaks how other objects draw trails

Steps to reproduce the problem every time:
→ play original (duplicated) draft where i experimented several bugs: (in filter i think)
→ play a failed test to reproduce the bug, but at least i got something else unexpected to happen:

I expected this to happen: not have any weird bug

But instead this happened: bugs


there was never EVER a square trail in hopscotch

hopscotch is struggling between deciding on drawing a red trail or black trail. but it should draw a yellow trail instead...

Your username: Tri-Angle

Device type, iOS version & Hopscotch version: iPad6th gen, iPadOS16.1, Hopscotch beta and Hopscotch newest version


@Yuanyuan @t1_hopscotch additional information

→ Alpha [1] is not an official addition however it’s an extremely powerful tool for drawing moving trails

→ When a bug happens, clicking restart does not reset bug (in 2nd video, once the bug has appeared, it will not disappear again unless i exit the draft)
→ Horribly inconsistent because i experimented several different bugs caused by alpha
→ clearing every containers having alpha code is the only way to stop the bug - making sure a container doesnt run during testing [2] does not solve the issue. this might be because hopscotch reads the whole code when the game starts

i know it’s almost impossible tht solves this case within the near future, but if you do i’d extremely extremely appreciate that because that puts my game in a whole new level of graphics :D but again, i know it’s impossible, i just wanted to tell this to yall

  1. discovered by @Awesome_E ↩︎

  2. eg, when object is cloned in an object without clone ↩︎


welp this certainly isnt a problem on the web editor, ive been coding all day on web and now im drawing on my phone and bang trails are squares and big trails are small :flushed:

edit: YO WHAT THIS BUG PERSISTS INFINITELY?? IVE REMOVED THE ALPHA FROM MY CODE!! i even cleared deleted code using ae’s spider! :// i dont have a good feeling about this - this cannot be an obstacle to my project


You can try out the Set Trail Opacity block for an officially supported version of trail alpha. Let me know if it fills your use case as well here.


yep, this is awesome, you can close the topic now :D