Okay, this is the topic where I ask my own questions and hopefully someone answers them. I've made a few topics for one question so I might as well have them all on this topic. There is a topic similar to this, but it's not of use anymore.


  1. If you get a suspension, does it wear off so you can get regular or does it stay with you forever?

  2. Why can't you change your name on the forum?

  3. Do you think I should get the Hopscotch T-shirts?

  4. Are tags monitored?

  5. Will the former mods and leaders get there position back soon?

I will have more questions and I will post them in the replys.:grinning: Please answer my questions.


1) it wears off after 100 days I believe
2) it breaks the notification system
3) if you want to
4) what? like the @ tags?
5) I don't think so, but we just have to see


I meant topic tags like these:


Well, they restricted tags for certain sections like bugs, but overall, I don't think so...

  1. IDK
  2. It would break the tag system and the forum would be REALLY laggy
  3. IDK. It is really your decision.
  4. Ummm.. Maybe??
  5. Maybe


This just in, I have another question!:grinning:

How do you see hidden messages?


Like flagged posts??


Another question!:grinning:

So, I haven't used the copy and paste code feature yet. I want to learn how to do it for one of my uponcoming projects. Can someone tell me how to use the feature?


You have to hold down on the code for a couple seconds, then you will it will be highlighted in teal. Then an option should pop up saying like cut or copy or something like that. Hit copy and then where you want to paste it hold down a couple seconds and it should say paste also. Hope this helped!!


Thanks a lot!:grinning: