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Have you ever played on a HSB Coloring Pad?
Chances are, you probably have. Yet, have you ever played on a HSB Pixel Pad?15 Chances are, you haven't. This is an original idea created and devopled by Hopcotcher and Swift coder,"ALOHAHAWAII STUDIOS". Aloha has clearly made the mark with their groundbreaking design. Making history with this legendary game, there is more to come.

This isn't an ordinary Pixel Pad
That's right, it's not ordinary pixel Pad. Aloha has developed this game with the finest Hopscotch update, and also fixing a few problems in her last Pixel Pad. Aloha has made it so that the cursor cannot leave your screen, preventing the user from messing up their drawing and hitting restart. This is indeed, one of the best Pixel Pads on Hopscotch.

Whats next to come?
You, the user decides. Aloha has engineered this game to meet the users needs. Whether you want to give them feedback or even an idea for a new groundbreaking game, Aloha listens.

Nominated For Featured Post
Welcome to the HSB Pad revolution. Where HSB Pads are very popular and keep getting published everyday. I've made a project for this era, the HSB Pixel Pad.Being made by ALOHAHAWAII STUDIOS, there is truly nothing like it out there. Being able to choose\ make a color on a drawing pad is awesome, so is doing it on a Pixel Pad.

Here's a screenshot of the game:

Yes, I am aware "Pixels" is spelled wrong.


Nominated For Featured Post
Hello and welcome, to an age where type- writing is just getting more and more popular. They've been around Hopscotch for a long time, which means it's the perfect time to innovate.

Here's a screenshot:

The Design
The design is one of the most important important parts of delvolping a Hopscotch program and realeasing it to the public. You need to make sure it's groundbreaking, showing the hard- work and effort that was put into the project. The trail art that was used in the design process may look like nothing special, but was a bit tough to piece together, over and over again.

The logo is very modern and simplistic. Having hand-picked HSB colors mixed together to have an amazing visual impact is what happened with the "ALOHA SEARCH ENGINE".

Achieving simplicty, being modern, and trail art, the design to the "ALOHA SEARCH ENGINE"1 is truly astonishing and groundbreaking.

The Functionality
Not only is the design, again, astonishing, so is the functionality of the software. Creatively meeting the users needs, it works, in an amazing way. Every single letter in the alphabet works and you can even search. This is by far, and amazing project.


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