(almost) iOS 11 calculator


Since iOS 10, I was wondering if I would be able to make the native calculator, but I was never able to get the right button sizes. In iOS 11, they made the buttons circles, so I was able to make it. The only difference is that unlike the native one, it doesn’t follow the order of operations. The hardest part was either the decimal input, or it was making the ans +. The native calculator looks like this;

And the one I made looks like this:


How is it?

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I’m not gonna make an average one so I can see who voted what. Don’t be afraid to Be honest, I won’t be offended (unless somebody says something mean about it)
It was intentionally coded on a phone to match the native phone one, since iPads don’t have a native one (I don’t think they do)
Sorry if you didn’t want to be tagged I just worked really hard on it and I wanted to show it to other people.
Sorry if you were tagged twice
Also, it isn’t omtl abuse if you don’t call popular forumers tagging just for an image, so don’t call it abuse if you didn’t call the popular forumer abusing.


The buttons and display at the top are all too small, and colours are a bit off. More a bug, but when you tap the numbers, the operation button you last tapped doesn’t go back to orange.




I tried to get the right color, but I couldn’t figure it out, and also it stays white as an alternative to having something show the symbol on the side


Thank me later
Orange HSB: 35, 100, 100
Dark grey HSB: 0,0,20
Light grey HSB: 0,0,65
Background HSB: 0,0,0


This is super cool! I thought of making this myself a while ago, but your calculator is super cool! Great job!


I updated the calculator to v1.1. The colors are fixed, and now clicking the operation button has orange when selected.
Old version:


The buttons are now much better. The display is still a bit small, you should make it around 200% size. Great job though.


It’s beautiful! Just make the number a little bigger and add an animation when the user presses a button.




Congrats it definitely deserves it…it works and it looks awesome. Good job!


I agree with @HopscotchRemixer! It is super feature worthy, congratulations to your feature and amazing job!