Almost everyone's remixed projects don't show the user who originally created the project/game


Hi HS team and other users out here.
I’ve experienced a growing bug where someone remixes another user’s project, it doesn’t show the original creator of the project at the top right of the project.
Please fix this, if nobody understands what I mean, I’ll edit the post to include a screenshot soon.


Wow, interesting… I noticed that too, but I never thought it did it for other projects…


Yeah this is a big problem. Almost everyone had noticed it


Remind me not to publish my collab with BB-Box for a little while now. Heh…

This is one of the most inconvenient bugs in HS, it always has been.
Oh well, what can you do?


Yeah I accidentally found that bug and was like “uh oh… IMINNOCENTISWEAR!”


Yeah, I actually saw that just a while ago on a project. I hope that THT fixed this as soon as possible.


Naturally, as kvj, i will exploit this to steal Komplettverrücktjunge’s decent projects and make it look like theyre mine.


I never experienced this, but if that is a bug for a lot of people than it is a huge problem. It causes people to not get credit for posts. I hope THH covers this!


This is a really bad bug people can steal credit :frowning:


Yeah sometimes the projects on featured are remixes


People worked out a way to remove the label. (I’d rather not share so that no one does it)


That and the label stopped showing up at all.


Yes, it also makes it so if your project gets remixed then it doesn’t show up in your remixes, which is awful when you are trying to find requests.


This needs to be noticed… can @Liza help with this?


@AwesomeOnion? @Rodrigo? This can cause serious copyright issues.


It’s a bug. It’ ok. We’ll fix it.


The way to get away with this bug is to save the remix as a draft before actually publishing the remix.