Allyb's General Topic



As you probably know, I'm Allyb, and this is my general topic. Here we can send in GIFs, talk about the latest news on Hopscotch, or even talk about cool projects that came out recently. We could do some QnAs, tell everyone funny stories and have some great fun. So w.come to my general topic, post whatever you like and have fun.

Some peeps who might want to do this:

Phew, finally got it done. Anyway, anyone is able to join. It doesn't matter whether you're on the list or not



Hi fren!


Hello!! How are you?


I'm fine, thanks! :blush:. I'm happy you two replied so quickly


Welcome to the forum!


I'm really grateful that you guys replied. I don't understand how such awesome Hopscotchers like you can find a small hopscotcher like me so quickly


@CandyflossClouds I've been on the forum for a while already


Nice profile picture btw!


Thanks. I like anime stuff. (and kawaii, don't forget kawaii Ally) :joy:


Anime is awesome! I can't stop drawing it! (Weird fact about me: I never watch anime...only draw it)


Lol :joy:. I play anime games, and watch a couple of anime tv shows, like Pokemon. Have you ever played Yandere simulator


BTW plz do not flag for not being HS related


Nope...I've heard of it though!


It's really good. (Whoops I forgot I've only seen videos of people playing it on YouTube I haven't actually played it myself) LOL


please use the official mass tag list!



Gifs I can do >: )

Also like @Kiwicute2013 said:


How do you do that? @Kiwicute2013


Do [The Name of the Link] (the actual link stuff)

Or click the quote button to insert a link :slight_smile:


Hi, cool topic! Thanks for tagging me! :smile:


Thanks a million guys