Allyb and Gobli09's Collab for Summer Comp



If you can help it, can only me and @Gobli09 post in this topic please for discussing our project? Thanks :blush:


You have any ideas on what the project could be like?


Sorry, I had to eat. Maybe it could be about someone going to a summer lodge or something like that? :sunny:️️


Like a movie? Or a RPG-ish thing?


Like RPG I suppose. :grin:


Okay! :smiley: The player can choose their own character or they have to play with the one already there?


Yeah sure :blush: 20 characters


So...they play with the character already there, then.

I have to go in about five minutes, but how are we going to make the project together?


Same, should we create an account or trade drafts?


How about create an account?


I know y'all are starting but can I join? Or naw?


if @Allyb agrees


Yeah sure cuz it's up to three people who can enter :smiley:


What should we call our account? I was thinking StarBee09!


Sure! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
To share the account details, do you want to ask t1 for a pm?


Yeah sure! We don't want to expose any information.


@StarKid2017 are you on?

If t1 is on right now, we can share it


Should I create HS account now?




I've created it!! :smiley::smiley: