Allow for Hopscotch and Forum accounts to be linked



What I mean by linked is having a link to their Hopscotch profile linked from the forum and having the forum profile linked in Hopscotch.

A way to do this is to have a confirmation code of some sorts, such as a dm from a bot when you try to link your hopscotch to your forum. This way people can’t impersonate you by linking to your forum first. This feature is very useful, as it stops impersonators as they can’t impersonate you as much because they don’t have their forum linked to their account.

This also lets new forumers from Hopscotch learn about the forums which is very needed in a general topic heavy forum.

My thoughts and I hope this gets implemented. The hard part would be linking the accounts by I’m sure. @Liza @staff


This seems like it could be an expansion on the idea I had earlier :thinking:


Yes, exactly, that would be amazing

Nindroid had an idea a few days ago about commenting on projects on Hopscotch

I was thinking that each project had an invisible topic on the forum, and to comment on the project you’d need to have a forum account


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Nice idea but would it only work on apple devices? :grimacing: just a question!


well hopscotch is only on ios so yeah. But if they ever in a million years make an android version, there would be no difference in difficulty implementing this. As the forums is based on the web not a platform.


Yes true! If THT doesn’t answer this topic btw you can always send them an email!:grin:


This is a great idea and it would be beneficial


Also would you be still able to access the forum on android devices?


I think it would be best reviewed by the community as a whole to make the feature better, than if I sent the idea alone.


Oh yes good idea!!!:grinning:


Yes the forums is a website, not an app so it is able to be accessed by any platform that can browse the web.


Yes yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!:sweat_smile::grinning:



Hopscotch, yes. The forum would work everywhere.


Not a bad idea, pretty cool planning.


It’s a very cool idea you got there. With this, we can get the drafts from HS accounts and post them here directly for help with code instead of having to send screenshots which also wastes time and data, so yeah, THT should try to implement this when they can!


Thx for the like @Razor


I really like this idea!

I think it would be cool and beneficial, as @Ducks_Happy said

I think it would really be a cool feature for the community and a great way for people to view your projects super quick!


Yes, THT should implement this when they find this topic!


Yeh great idea!

I dont rely think the forum is promoted enough on the app