All the "dank meme" accounts


Hey there guys it's Huggingfluffybear and am I the only one who gets anoyed by these dank meme accounts?

They were funny at first the first two but now there's so many and it's just kind of annoying

What do you think?

  • There fine
  • No


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Bye, from the fluffy bear.


Well, it improves the Leadership, but it's also starting to get crazy. I agree with you.

Maybe you could put up a poll!


Why does it aproive the leadership?


Because Leaders promote themselves!


But it's mostly not the leaders it's getting insane.


Yeah, I mostly ignore them though.....


Wait your leaving?!?


That was when bullies were on.


I think they're fine as long as they aren't spam to tons of other topics. If we could try and keep it on just a few topics, it's not an issue, and I think that's what we are doing.

i had to write this in silly hooman grammar. :00


Like Qusid said they seem fine they actually can be pretty funny too! But if there's way too many then it's going to be a problem


I think it's okay...
I only do it on a few topics.

People have said some not-so-nice things
to me because I said something in dank meme.

Some people tried to change me.
I flagged lol

As long as people ignore/mute dank meme topics, it shouldn't annoy people. :)

Its only about 7 dank meme accounts and they aren't as active as normal accounts. :D

  • No dank memes, anywhere (Dank memes are bad)
  • Only on a few topics (Dank memes are okay)
  • Yes dank memes (Dank memes are good)


Votes are public.


le meh selintle tegs al e de denk mems peplz.




@Tangerine hardly speaks dank meme lol


Ei egnor yu tu, Yu e troll end efend meh.


Tom, Fren? NOMNOM gices token of friendship to TOM


I think these accounts are fine, but only if
1. These accounts only speak in dank mems in certain topics (general topics for these accounts, etc.)
2. An overflow of topics just for dank accounts don't pop up.

I think having a dank account is fine, but when every single dank account starts to have a general topic, it can get a little overwhelming. (Just my opinion pls don't hurt me)

Dank Tepic fo denk mem pepl (dank topic for dank meme people)
  • They are annoying
  • They are just fine
  • I love them


Non-public. XD


Dank memes are healthy for u