All the abilities get deleted

I really don’t know how to explain this but it’s an odd bug

What is this bug?

This bug occurs when

  1. You delete all the objects in your project
  2. You edit out of the project
  3. You go back into the project

When you try adding an object, you’ll notice that all of the abilities have disappeared. I think if this was done in earlier versions (deleting all objects) the project would just delete itself.

How can I avoid it?

Don’t follow the steps listed above

Just a small bug, but worth mentioning


ooh that really is a weird one, maybe I’ll try it out on a random draft


Usually deleteing all objects prevents you from re-entering the draft, so yours did not delete fully. That’s definitely odd though.


Happens every time :man_shrugging:
It’s super odd


I noticed too. The latest version of HS no longer gives you the “oh no” message when code is lost. It just opens normally but has everything deleted.



Doing this glitch also causes all of your drafts to get deleted locally in addition to removing all abilities in that project.

I learned this the hard way. Drafts are still saved thanks to the cloud integration, but all projects lose their original uuid as well.

This is also the cause of the duplicate draft bug, as when you try to load one from the server, the old draft acts only as a reference to redirect you to a newly created draft.


Hi all, this bug doesn’t seem that urgent since you don’t really lose your work. The deleted drafts or deleted code bug is a big problem, and we feel terrible about it. The problem is that we don’t know how to reproduce it so it’s really hard to work on or fix.
Does anyone have a reliable way to reproduce it?


I do
It’s weird how to reproduce it but you have to delete all the objects in a project, exit out of the project then re enter.
It’s weird that the project just doesn’t delete itself since all objects are deleted.

The project does seem to delete, but you have to hold on it like you would to get the copy button


I thought I described how to reproduce it in that post.

  1. Project
  2. Delete all characters
  3. Try to enter
  4. All local files deleted

Basically, this links this issue with the duplicate draft thing, which really annoyed me yesterday when it happened to me


Apologies @nobody and @awesome_e I wasn’t clear. The bug you are describing is clear, but does not seem urgent because you don’t really lose your work.

But is there a bug where you lose all your work in a draft? And do you have a reliable way to reproduce the duplicate draft bug?



I don’t think there is one where all your code is deleted other than this small one


Correct, somewhat minor bug.

I’ve said that twice now.

The duplicate draft happens after your local files delete. Downloading after that duplicates them


Edit: oh yeah I forgot to mention that deleted local files is what caused duplicate drafts. Sorry for missing that clarification earlier.

Basically, if a local file gets deleted, it duplicates when downloading – the original file and UUID+project id get lost, but the data is saved. Sync normally does not produce this issue (the files still have their original uuid), only when local data “corrupts”

This almost “ghosting” effect seems to be the cause of the majority of the draft bugs (crashing ➙ losing code being the other major issue)

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Oh no!

This is a bug that should definitely be taken care of!

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Thanks for the info. We will take a look


Thanks. I understand this isn’t higher priority, and apologies for any confusion/frustration I had earlier.



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I think this was fixed as now I cannot reproduce it

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Good news :D

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