All new social experiment! On Hopscotch!


So, I have been reading about reverse psychology and how it effects children here are a couple projects that I have posted on this

on Hopscotch and found that either there is a select group of people browsing newest and they saw these three projects and realized it was a trick. Or the text variations had different effects on children, for example I think reasoning makes people want to destroy something the most. I.e. The first post about why not to like the project ( which was liked the most. Idk post your opinions below! Also maybe you can try this on you're account? See what the effects are


Current Results: first one that says "Don't like this I'm seeing how long I can go without getting liked" has 3 likes and five plays (I liked it once because someone stopped liking it and I'm studying short term reaction) the second one that says "Don't like this that would ruin everything" has two likes five plays and the last one has three plays. Also please don't like or play these projects because it would screw things up


It's strange because some of my projects have equal likes and plays and some have no likes.


Here are likes! :heart::heart::heart:



Lewl I'll take it 20202020


Troll'd I said please don't like this or it will mess up the result! Wow rekt Experiment inside of an experiment


Sorry I liked them. Your in my following tab and I just carelessly like everything in it because everyone in my following tab deserves likes on every new project that's my guarantee!
Sorry I will un like them
And yes, @Rawrbear you are in my following tab


Sorry I had to just like them. I like things that say not to like all the time. But, at least this is only an expiriment.


I started this too.

Trolls be trollin', I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Should I start doing that???


If you'd like to! :wink:


Huh... All of the likers were all together in my activity :sweat_smile:

cough cough @MemorableChicken cough cough


I'll do it, LOL! Both like yours and create one like it!!,


K, I liked it, played it, and remixed it!!


I am a person who likes ever project in the following tab, so yeah. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, I am responsible for 5 plays


Be prepared to see PupCow2016 in the activity bar.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You spam player...


Hehe, no.

I learned that if you spam play, the plays don't count. So I waited 20 seconds in between. XD


So many people liking... :laughing: