All my awesome games!

Hello I’m skyarmygenral this post is about all my best games that I have made. They are separated into different sections. I hope you have fun!

Featured games

this is my only featured game. It is called retail tycoon and It has 1239 likes so far. Here is the link Retail tycoon.

Best new games

My best recent games are my dodge game and my 1.4. In dodge you have to dodge everything that is red. Well in it is a lot of explaining so if you go on the game it will tell you. Here are the links 1.4, and Dodge.

I would like to thank

@ThinBuffalo for showing me a smooth game ( that is obviously not finished ) that I may use in my new update.

Some new games that might come out soon

Some pics and polls

So now since I showed you all of this I want to show some pics and some polls. NOW PLEASE VOTE FOR MY RETAIL TYCOON[poll]


It's the best game ever I hope it is featured

Awesome quality love it keep it up


Thx I also hope it gets on featured.


I like that everyone picked feature-worthy, but I would like more, votes.


I love the re-tail one!

The others are too laggy for me to play but I'm sure they are fun too!!!

Yeah the agario one is but I don't think the dodge one is.

In my opinion, I think my dodge game is the best.

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Your agario game is featured