All leaders come here!



Hi! It's CP here! Um @Kiwicute2016 @PopTart0219 could you um help me out? Well I want to help people in the community and be a kind hopscotcher got any topsail. I really want to contribute in helping the community. I want to be helpful. Could you give me pointers?


My biggest advice is to:

  • Be nice
  • Stay on topic
  • Help others!

And be positive!


Okay then! I'll try my best to help other hopscotchers stay positive and stay on topic! Thank soooo much @Kiwicute2016 you are the best.


Thank you! I'm always here if you need help!


I have some advice!
- Be nice!
- When giving feedback, give constructive criticism.
- Try not to express all your emotions at once. Think about what you do before you do it.
- Have fun!


That is really good advise, @Kiwicute2016! I will (and hopefully everyone else) follow these!


Same @CrystalPanda I wanna help with the community


I moneter the forum going into every topic!(I try) but so you could help by flagging things that needs to be flagged like I do that and telling leaders to close topics! And also of course have fun!:wink:


This is like the 5th time I've posted this :stuck_out_tongue:
(These are actually tips if your working your way toward leader.)

•Speak Properly
The Hopscotch Team is probably looking for Hopscotchers that can spell properly.
Spelling errors can lead to miscommunication which can lead to flagging, anger, ect.

•Be Stable
I'm not saying you have to be crazy serious.
I'm saying when something is going too far or is innapropriate you won't continue to fool around. Leaders know when to stop fooling around and when a little of it wouldn't hurt. :slightly_smiling:

•Be Reasonable
When your a leader you'll have the power to close and open topics.
You'll have to think about if this topic needs to be closed and if it doesn't.
You'll also need to think about if you should reopen this topic. The people chatting may continue to do what they're doing (being mean, talking innapropriately, ect.)

This goes for your posts and the posts of others. Sometimes your fingers will type away.
Re-read what you post to keep the community safe and fun :smile: . Sometimes you post away without realizing what your doing.
After re-reading, ask yourself is this understandable? Will this help improve the community? Is this on topic? What would I sound like and how would this affect others in real life?
Read carefully the post of others. If you feel you need to write a negative comment try re-reading the post your replying to. Who knows! You may have understood the post incorrectly!

•Be Positive
When your positive it makes people feel good! Kind people are the exact kind of people The Hopscotch Team are looking for to promote!
When giving feedback try starting with the positive stuff first. It makes people feel good about what they've made and it makes they want to continue on it. Before giving feedback try saying "I love the colours you chose!" or "I think it's really cool how you did that!".

•Don't Share Personal Information
This is very important.
If your using an email for hopscotch make sure the email doesn't have any personal information in it!
If someone finds out enough about you bad things could happen!
Some people in hopscotch know other people in hopscotch in real life. Don't call that person by their name or even their nickname! Some people are good guessers!

•Be Helpful
Give as much feedback as you can! As I said from my Positivity pharagraph make sure you start with a positive comment!
Share your knowledge of coding and try to add screen shots. Screen shots will make it easier to understand.
All human's make mistakes. If someone has simply gone off topic or creates a topic that has already been made just give them a small reminder and if they made a topic that was already created add the link to the other topic.

There are so many kind hopscotchers out there I bet The Hopscotch Team is only waiting for some of you guys to become a regular!
The kindest may get leader last! If you have enough confidence and want to he