All hsb colors between 359-360 output as black

y’know, i should’ve made this an actual bug report a while ago, instead of just offhandedly mentioning it in my hsb topic

steps to reproduce the problem every time:

  1. use an hsb color with the h value set between, but not equal to, 359 and 360
  2. be amazed as it outputs as black regardless of s or b

i expected this to happen: output as a normal color with s and b rounded to the nearest integer like they always are, and h outputting a color that is extremely similar to red but technically isn’t

but instead this happened: b l a c c

screenshots/video: i found out when the backgrounds to two of my songs, heat and final, passed through this range, and printed out a thin black ring as they did

your username: [Invaid User] :(

device type, ios version: my best guess is that it was an ipad mini 4 with something around ios 14

hopscotch version & player version: i literally do not remember at all but it’s still here


looks fine to me - or did i do something wrong in the code?


I’d say “show us your code,” but since you are an undefined user, it’ll be much harder to do so, especially since you can’t save your projects no matter what :((

Are you sure the brightness was high and not (0)?

Since you tested on the web explorer, the HS version is Not Applicable. The player version in this case is Player 2.2.2


i honestly don’t know – i really should have done this earlier