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This is gamergirlofgamers and I am here to say something HORRIBLE!!!
SOMEONE has hacked into ALL MY ACCOUNTS and it is not possible for me to get in. Yes, I've emailed the hopscotch team. I am also doing this so maybe the hopscotch team can learn about it quicker. @Liza! @Ian! Please help.
So, I am sooooo sorry about this but please stick to it, I just have a little delay with everything. @Phase_Studios, you will not be able to beta test the game on my account for a while (ish) now. I will try to get back on ASAP!


Do you mean your public accounts or the private one?


I have two PRIVATE ones that got hacked!!!!!!!!


That's horrible! This is what I worried about when accounts came out.


I made another account, but probably the hacker will find it and immediately hack it!!!! I just wanna cry, worried that the hopscotch team will think I'm someone trying to get into someone else's account! I don't get it! I just don't get it! WHYYYYYY, WORLD, WHYYYY!!


I wish I could remember who follows me so I can invite them to this topic.


This is so bad @Hoppertoscotch! Hope The Hopscotch Team get you into your accounts again quickly!!!!!!!


@Phase_Studios I know!!!!! I didn't even think it was possible or worth it to hack a hopscotch account!!!


YAY!!!! I HAVE MY ACCOUNTS BACK!!! Few. If it happens again, @Liza, @Ian, or whoever, I will come back to this post and automatically make an email about it.


Ok good @Hoppertoscotch, keep on going on the game and give me details on the way.


@Phase_Studios all I need to do is debug one VERY noticeable bug I discovered immediately and then it will be ready for beta testing.


Ok @Hoppertoscotch! 2


Hi @Hoppertoscotch!!!

This sounds terrible and I'm glad you're back in action!

Do you mean that you weren't able to get into your account? Like the password didn't work? Want to make sure we understand the problem so we can fix it :slightly_smiling:



@Liza, @Hoppertoscotch's account is fine now though!


Pretty much, my password wasn't working no matter what and the only way that the password would of change is if someone else changed it, as in hacking, right?


I'm glad you can get back in. Did they do anything to your projects?