All Done! Don’t worry 😉



That’s The Game And It’s not working. Why won’t it let me drag?

Help Please! @CodeHelp


That’s a Screenshot Of a bit of the code. Please Help!


What are you trying to do?

If you want it to always follow when pressed, try changing it to device pressed. Right now, it will only follow if you are pressing the object


I need to try and make it follow my finger but at the same time. I need more than one to drag but not together. :relieved:


Try setting the object larger. Sometimes it is hard to actually register the tap or drag if the object is small


Will that work though as I want more than one. Here is an example with someone else’s project that is simple but kinda does the same.


That’s a good idea. :blush:


Oh I thought it would be a “one object follows finger” type of thing
Just increase the size of the object


It worked. Thanks So much. By the way, I love your projects on the app.


no problem