All... Completely... GONE



Also, it may be worth logging out and logging back in.


But wouldnt that make it worst???? and hi Liza thank you for making hopscocth:) im a fan of you(・ิω・ิ)


I scrolled through a lot- you will never believe how many drafts I have! It's not there


ok that might be the problem because you have too much rafts and you have not uplouded them yet..


@Liza I logged out then came back in. It's still not there!


Omg @Liza it's there! It wasn't in my drafts, it was published? YAYAYAYAY some is missing but I will make that up


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Yay, victory! So glad to hear.


Yay!!!! That's so great to hear!


I'm publishing it right now!!!


Yay can't wait to see it Sa!


It's soooooooo cool! It was for SW!


Me when I see dis:


Wait wat? What's going on?