All... Completely... GONE



Ok, yah there is some good things. I'm just actually really relieved that I didn't loose my other game! How many times have you been featured?


Only once with Lightrail! You are LUCKY to have 3 features in less than 3 months!! :flushed:


Wait... What?


What I'm saying is you are one of the first people I've seen to get Features 3 times in a row!


But only ONCE? That's a surprise!!! I thought you were like on there 5 times :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Here ya go a new one


Lol ok that's sweet!


I have to go to bed now...

I hope this will all be cleared up by tomorow!


Ok good night now I'm bored.....


Aaaahh! This happened to me with the aptitude test, but I saved it with my school iPad. Do you have one?


Email the hopscotch team. They'll probably retrieve it out of your drafts! This happened to me once on 'Monkey Art' but like three months later it came back!


So sorry to hear this, @SmileyAlyssa! I alerted the dev team; they took a look and said that the draft was in a weird, half-published state. Could you check your drafts now and see if it's there?


That happened to me! Was the preview in the draft the editor, or a bird? If you press it when the bird is there, it deletes EVERYTHING.

Happened to me when I was making the Beethoven project a while back.

Here's a solution: Constantly publish drafts, and always have a backup.


You're lol


That is terrible! It once happened to me when I tried to make sin and dos art :frowning:


@Liza It's still not there :cold_sweat:


Could you restart the app and see if the changes take effect? Keep me posted!


I did. Still not working


@Liza should it be downloaded already? Like at the very front of my drafts?


Can you scroll through? It maybe be out of order.