All... Completely... GONE



OMG!!! I'm am sitting here CRYING right now!!! I was making a surprise drawing pad for my friend!

I had it pretty much done- colors, trail, width, clear, music, trace, EVERYTHING done and ready to go! It was awesome! And there were over 70 colors! Then all the sudden Hopscotch just blanked out, so I exited out and reopened it. But when I got back in- (it had already been uploaded by the way)- THE ENTIRE DRAFT WAS COMPLETLEY GONE!!! Do you know how much work I put into that thing??? A LOT! I spent days on it! Just a few minutes ago did I announce the surprise! But now it's all gone! I can't start all over! It took forever!!! I had to go find a ton of HSB colors, I had to do a ton of stuff, and I finally had it so close!

But now it's all gone. Completely gone.

So now I am sitting here crying! I put so much into that- and it was a surprise for a friend! It was a remix- so it could be theirs too!!! So now I'm very angry. I can't make it again!!! Please someone help me! You have no idea how dissapointed, sad, and angry I am right now. @Liza @alish @Ian @everyone!



If you uploaded the draft THT might be able to rescue it!


I'm sooo sorry is there anything I can do to help? I'll do almost anything for you :sob::sob::sob: that is so sad it happened to me once


You aren't SmileyAlyssa you are SadAlyssa I want to help you be Smiley again


omg is their anything i can do???


And also try to look on the happy side, you got featured! I know it's not the same though, and I think it was really nice of you to put so much effort in to a suprise for your friend! And looking on the bright side THT might be able to get it back!


Wow, that's hard...

Email @Liza, she can get your drafts back - Or, because you can't email, hopefully she'll see this post! :smile:

  1. I got flagged
  2. I lost a an awesome project
  3. I am technically grounded from my iPad



I did... Hopefully someone can save it.




Look on the smiley side:

  • You got your third feature today! To be honest, I was going to hide this, but I am soooo jealous! :yum:
  • You've got a great community to help you get through this! :smile:


@smileyalyssa how can i make you smiley?


I'm sooooo sorry can I help you feel better somehow?


@SmileyAlyssa, see, we're all here for you! :smile:

To cheer you up, I found someone that's called @SmileyPoop :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Dats a little creepy! :scream:


This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


Noooooooo! SadAlyssa is officially here! Oh no :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob: sadness is contagious today


I'm making this face at you right now:


I'm sorry :sob::sob::sob:


Oh sorry bout that I deleted it sorry I'll find a better one