All Colors Pad! Update!


Over 178 Different Colors!

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Can somebody add the OMTL or is ths against the guidelines?


Nobodys voting :expressionless:
Probsablies because nobodys on




cool art pad! Maybe add skin tones?


Cool! Maybe add monochrome colors? (e.g. Saturation?)


Okay(for the skin tones) anyone want to help with that
You can join the scotchhop collab if you want


I think it is a really good drawing pad, especially because it has so many colors. As always it´s a great job and a great project from the ScotchHop account :slight_smile:.


It's only brightness shades right now.. :frowning:


Ya, I need to add skin colors on the right side


Ya, thats actually good idea for skin artists!
Now onto the next class..