All code vanished!



So I was working on my drawpad, and I added a load of new things. Then I decided to go to my art account for a bit, and when I came back to publish my drawpad, all of the code had vanished! I tried emailing THT, but I got a message saying "The message was rejected my the server". Can anybody help me? @Liza?


I have had the code button, but the email thing has never happened to me! I'm really sorry! I don't know what to do :frowning:


Thank you for caring, you are so kind.


Did you press the cloud? Did you do the project in wifi? Answer these questions and I know an explanation


I downloaded all my drafts, and I had wifi the while time.


Ok want me to email ThT right now for you?


That would be amazing! Thank you so much!


On the way!
Using that trick you told me for the 202020 thing


Oh Noes! This is a very bad glitch! Sadly, you can't fix it ASAP. You just have to hope THT can find it. I'm so sorry this happened to you.


This is not good. Man, I spent so long on this! Thanks for caring.

I sure hope THT can help


Don't worry, I'm pretty sure THT has found lost code before :D


@Dude73 I sent the email


Does the code include the objects in the Editor?


No, all the shapes are there, it is just it has no code.

And @Razor, thanks for sending the email for me


There's a good chance (I'd say 85%) the code will appear one day, because I've had that happen before, and the code of 90% of my projects (they all got lost) just magically appeared with no email when I went onto my draft account after I lost the code.


@Dude73 just to make sure.. If you had any body delete your code manually from your account that you know make sure to get them away from your code


No one even knows the password to my iPad that knows me.


Great!! That means it was a glitch which when i think about it is not great at all


Yeah. :joy:. Anyways, I sure do hope this gets solved.


@Dude73, I'll send them an email! :smile:

What do you want to say in it?

But you can still resend it! It should work once you do! Check that the email is correct! :wink: