Alert problems noo


Dear Hopscotchers:**

Im Mushroom (HSA)(CS):christmas_tree::snowman_with_snow:

Lately,my drafts arent loading well and im using my I Pad Pro for this app
once i press into a draft and come back out, it pops me back out of the app and i have to restart the app agian
also when i open other ppls projects it loads so long

Pls leave a comment of how to solve this



Hm. Try restarting your iPad. If it doesn’t work, pray to Sol.


Weird. Try restarting the app, your iPad, redownloading the app (if you make sure you don’t lose any data) or email The Hopscotch Team.


Uh oh! Try logging out and back into your account on the app, or delete the app and download it again. If that doesn’t work, email The Hopscotch Team, and let them know about this!
Here’s some of their emails:
I hope your problem is fixed soon!

Also, Welcome to the Hopscotch Forum! :smiley: If you need any other help, please tag me by putting an @ in front of my name like this: @SmileyAlyssa :smile:


Thanks guys! IM BEEN FOR HS FOR QUITE A MOMENT. See more on my Account Mushroom(Cloud)(CS) thanks!