Alderaan Didn’t Deserve It!


Leaving on Monday


Both of u?


Y? Why? Whey?
Don’t go.


mc?? my dude??

wth just wth

what do you mean, my althea


@FRENCH_WAVE123, yes all of us.
@Kayro, it’s getting in the way of school, and home life. We’re too addicted, and we don’t even like going on the forum anymore


Oh noes.
I can’t say I disagree.


Because this is a Forum for people who want to talk about Hopscotch.

Instead people use it to talk about NOT Hopscotch.

I don’t particularly mind it, but it got stressful after a while so I only come on once a month now.


Once a month!
I come on like 4 times a day lol


I used to be WAY more active.

But like I said, I decided to cut down on it.



@dmf im not leaving bc as i said if i left u would kill me


Check once if [condition one is satisfied] and [condition two is satisfied]


ooo when was that added


yeah you’re right


really? well


I would 2
U were such an inspiration to me




Everyone just feels upset with the recent forum changes and tons of the really good and experienced coders left.

I think their reasoning is correct they are just going about it wrong.


@t7lks ídek what this topic is

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