Alderaan Didn’t Deserve It!


Yay, no more trolling from Bae.

Woah that actually rhymed?

Haha lol I’m hilarious yeah right


It did!


I think people are leaving mainly because of trollers and there are other learn to code apps or they’re just too old to be on HS. (With the exception of ThinBuffalo)


I heard about hopscotch from my uncle who had known a few people (adults) who highly recommended the app.


Lgbttt I will tag you on ma gt then we can chat there

also player.


IMO this is the downfall of hopscotch…


anyways, what i think is that people are breaking rules left and right, and the forum is currently a toxic heckhole full of immature kids who should read the rules…
but im still here


I agree
They are gonna come back in a week or two and it’s gonna be a party and everyone will be saying that they thought the people quit etc.
Always happens on hopscotch with the spam artists.


I’m just sick of being treated like dirt


but you r not dirt, if you were dirt, you’ld be the fancy expensive dirt that works it’s hardest to keep the place fabulous.


Lol thank you
We are all that dirt I guess
Bae pushed me over the edge…


ur telling me. I might have flamed about bae and player on my gt. Parental Guidence


The forum has been completely ruined. Many people have tried to fix it, but @Liza and the rest of the team don’t seem to care enough to do anything that might help. At this rate, I doubt that the app and forum will last more than 2 years. If you’re reading this @Liza, prove me wrong.



first i want to leave but then i realise that dmf would literally track me down and murder me


whats the app like

any new blocks r anything i havent rlly posted

just old projects


The community is crap. But that is the reason why I stay


Well said.
I should get outa here now

Well said, as well.


I think the RPers will stay but idk


i will miss u but u wont miss me lmao
have fun in life


We have check once if and blocks now