Alderaan Didn’t Deserve It!


Ok so umm recently quite a few people have said that they are leaving. My question is why?

If you are leaving, please tell me your reasons to.
If you aren’t, congratulations, you made it on to the forum and had decided to stay!


It’s all the bullies and trolls

I’ll try 2 be less active on here
More active on the app


Hi to those who still have the HS app


U don’t?
Quote for more


Hi back.
Or hi in return.


I can’t quote, thx my device
Yes, I don’t have the app anymore.


This is what it said


That’s nice. You know you can have spaces in < >s


I know it was just 4 fun lol


You have just pleased a stupid Russian boy. Thank you, and I’m not ;v;


you literally have gotten a game changer and countless featured
And you say
Your not the most amazing hopscotcher lol

Your such a liar lol


Anyways, to get back on topic,

If I ever were to leave I would have reasons and yes would be backed up with FACTS about my life and maybe even filled with some interviews.

For example:
I have to leave because some of my friends think this is making me boring. Some of my friends believe that I am falling behind socially and I need to pull myself away from the forum for a while. My friend even said “I think you need to stop Kay, this is taking up your time! You can’t always be like this! You’ve become boring to hang around with.” So I will be taking a break from the forum to focus on my friends I also have some other reasons to have a break here is my 2nd reason…


Cause i hate the forum


Wow. Dat was unexpected


Like the comunatys realy toxic with the exeption of a few pepole


So they can seem edgy or cool.
Don’t worry, like always it’s just a phase


Agreed @dmf


The same thing happens every few months. The last time it was this bad was in August but I don’t remember flame wars then. Forumers like leave in a chain reaction. In August, like 9-10 people left, considered leaving, or tried to leave. Rn I think we’re at maybe 5?


I was wondering the same thing. Maybe people get bored easily? Just a thought


Dang both,
@notlgbtlisa and @bae are suspended for a century!