Album Request! Be da first one



Who wants some music stuffs?
Well...I did an album request on hopscotch (Awesome :heart: :christmas_tree:won)...But heck, why not do it on the forum?
So, the rules are:

  1. The first person to request gets an album cover and 2 select songs from that album made on hopscotch (although it might not be the best song ever...)
  2. The second person will get an album cover and ONE song.
  3. The third person will get an album cover.
  4. The fourth person gets a song...
    and the others get a drawing request.
    The songs and album covers may be anything that I approve. NO swears, NO inappropriate anything, I should say.
    Good luck!


do undertale album btw undertale has awesome music


Hallo! Can you do this song from Adele's 21 album (she's my favorite singer :D): Rolling in the Deep?


I know it's a ridiculous question, but what's undertale :stuck_out_tongue: ?


its an rpg with awesome music
listen to megalovania and dummy you will know what i mean


You MEAN spear of justice and hopes and dreams :stuck_out_tongue:


Not rlly


Heard megalovania! It's so epic!