Album Covers! Requests?



I was thinking about doing this idea for a while, but never actually did it. The basic idea is that I will be creating logos (like my other ones) with special features for bands/singers. I already created A twenty øne piløts one

and am taking a poll on the next one I should make. I am also taking requests. You can request a band/singer and (optional) give me some features you think I should add to it. If I like your request I will create it. Now, which one do you guys think I should make next:

  • Adele
  • Ed Sheeran
  • Taylor Swift
  • Maroon 5
  • Imagine Dragons


You may choose up to 3 options.

Pending Requests:
Halsey- Requested by @Sparkczy
Imagine Dragons


Hello? Anyone?


That's awesome XD!!!




Wow! My favorite band's logo :3 okay could you make a
halsey album cover?


@Follow4LikesOfficial could you do something for me?


I'm a little behind on requests, but sure! What do you need?


I just wanted to ask if you could make the chorus of "I Bet My Life", "Gold", or "Shots" for my Imagine Dragons Logo.


I've never heard of any of those songs

@UptownStudios sorry


I saw her at an imagine dragons concert
"We are da new Americana!"


I can do it!!!


@Follow4LikesOfficial just search Smoke + Mirrors on ITunes. They're all on that album. @Fifithefunnyflower you can try! You only have to make the chorus of one, but if you want to do all three, you can!


@Fifithefunnyflower do you want to do it?


Ummm yeah sure when do you need it done?


Whenever. Just make it as good as possible. You can take as long as you want :grinning::wink:


Oh okay then I'll have it done maybe today or tomorrow


@Fifithefunnyflower Almost Done?



No I don't have it done yet!!!!


It's okay! As long as you remember this time :wink: