Alberto's general topic :0




Here u can ask things like... Ask wat u want.

I'm Alberto on hopscotch.



Are you new? :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi Alberto​:smile:. Welcome to the forum.


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Welcome to the forum @Alberto!


Hmmmm suspicious


Welcome to the forum @Alberto!
I hope you will have a great time here


Ur dog is so cute. He or she reminds me of my dog.


We from the Alberto planet are weird


How do I get the member badge?


You mean, "no". Remember alt acc claiming they are new are not prohibited.


Magic! :sparkles:

Ask @Kiwicute2016 idk it just appeared one day for me


What do you mean?


You're not new and by claiming that you are, you are going against the rules.


@Alberto how do you know what a general topic is if you only joined an hour ago?
You also have first mention and first edit fairly early for a completely new user...
Oh well could just be a coincidence
Welcome I guess?


I saw some other users general topics


Hey, if you're not new, please don't claim you are. Kiwi said you aren't, and she knows. Sorry.


@alberto! I see that you're a group!