Ail00 & Gabe n Collab


@Alio000 here is are Collab post ok?


OK so are you logged in to extra account or Gabe N?


Extra account and delete all your replys in the post that we started in ok?
I did


@Alio000 in response to your other post, sorry that I was not able to reply. I can't be on the forum all the time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Saw that you're working on creating the Hopscotch Forum in Hopscotch and funnily enough, I've started on that already. I was working on it but haven't had time to continue on it. I can publish it and you can add to it, or completely do a new project. Credit to Utensil Mouth for the Hopscotch logo which I used.

Here's the link:

Sorry I'm not up for another collab at the moment, but good luck with yours!


Cool! Great job. It looks so life-like


Thanks @Alio000 :smiley: You can use it if you want of course. I was planning to make a little tutorial of the forum but never got round to it.


Hey Gabe N yo' on? (This had to be longer)


Yes so I'm going to save a draft of the hopscotch forum that @t1_hopscotch made so we can finish it and make it


OK (twenty characters)

Hi @Gabe_N I know this is out of the blue but do you want to work on a Halloween project for HHC15 together?

Ps the text above is scrollable (to the side of course)


Sure id love too!
But what should we make