AI ideas? (say that fast XD)



I need ideas!

Not really game ideas though.
I was thinking of creating an advanced AI, but I don't have any idea what it should do, so I am asking you instead :D

What I need is an idea on what an AI character/vehicle/dot should do (e.g chase something, but more advanced)


An AI character that that is like Ping Pong but make the physics really free so it makes it harder.


Maybe do some gymnastics style thing like in the Olympics?


Soccer -player vs AI? Or improve your amazing Minecraft game with more mobs?


An octopus AI catching and eating prey?


Official Ideas Topic

EDIT: whoops didnt read the topic right sry


When you say that it reminds me of Weird Al XD


Yes! Finally idea time for Senpai!

  • Minecraft!
  • Monopoly (you can use the board that I failed on)
  • Battleship
  • Football/Soccer
  • Pacman
  • 20 Questions
  • Checkers
  • Chess
  • without global. Make the other snakes AI.
  • A board game? ¯\ _ (ツ)_/¯

If you want more just ask me! I'd be super happy to help!


Hmm... Nice ideas! I really would like to do a chess game, but it'd be hard... Especially the AI XD


Here's a like! :heart:
Why aren't my likes back after 12 hours? ;-;
Oh yeah, that would be tough for every single possible chess combination ever... :3

I guess soccer would be the most easy!
I could help you make it if you'd like! But I'd probably mess everything up so its probably best you work on it alone. :3


I'm thinking of some kind of game where the player makes an obstacle course or something similar, and then the AI character tries to get through.
What would you say about that? Do you want to add something, or have a better idea?


I think the AI should be able to interact with you and stuff!


maybe a mode where it's backwards and the AI makes the course and the player has to get through


Wats an AI

crawls back into smol hole


If you haven't seen this, the vertical blocks are in a different "Y" position each time the project starts. The mouse can detect when a space is available to move right and moves right. This is a sort of obstacle course.
I can code more advanced A.I. than this

Please feel free to ask me anything about coding A.I. on Hopscotch.


Yes, I saw that :D


AI is an acronym for Artificial Intelligence.
When used in games, it could be, for example, creatures that can move and chase the player.


Mai ideas:
At dat:
- ride a bike
- eat chocolate
- falls in love with another AI
- makes noises when you say hello very loudly
- drinks lemonade
- can throw and catch a basket ball
- tells you wut to do and punishes you if you don't do wut it wanted you to do
- hugs a potato
- make cookies
Just take any of them if you're interested.:wink:


An AI that shows you how to make AI!


…and asks weird questions like Midori-chan